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Jun 20, 2020 · PRR had installed poppet valves on a 4-6-2 K4 (No. 5399) locomotive and recorded an increase in power while operating at 80 mph (129 km/h) and above of over 40 percent. The PRR T1 was a duplex locomotive that utilized a 4-4-4-4 wheel arrangement and was designed to haul 880 trailing tons (798-t) at 100 mph (161 km/h).
K3, K4 – 4-6-2 – The work horse of the PRR passenger locomotive fleet was the 425 K4 Pacific class locomotives. They were used on all PRR routes out of Columbus. The K4 lasted until replaced by diesels in the first half of the 1950s. The K3 was a lighter locomotive and might have been used on the CA&C line to Cleveland.
The introduction section of this 128-page volume features an in-depth look at Pennsylvania Railroad’s diesel switchers by all manufactures – both via color photography and rosters. Then we follow the line from Chicago, through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York, to Phillipsburg, New Jersey.
Feb 05, 2015 · About The Pennsylvania Railroad K4s. The Pennsylvania Railroad's K4s 4-6-2 "Pacific" (425 built 1914–1928, PRR Altoona, Baldwin) was their premier passenger-hauling steam locomotive from 1914 through the end of steam on the PRR in 1957.
Pennsylvania Railroad Photographic Roster. Unit # Notes Model Serial # Pictures : PRR 1453: PRR Class K-4S.
PRR steam and electric classification A: 0-4-0. Class A was the 0-4-0 type, an arrangement best suited to small switchers.Most railroads abandoned the 0-4-0 after the 1920s, but the PRR kept it for use on small industrial branches, especially those with street trackage and tight turns.
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A Pennsylvania Railroad company photo featuring one of the few K-4s 4-6-2's streamlined for the "Broadway Limited" just prior to World War II. It is seen here posed on the Rockville Bridge (a stone-arch structure that could support all four tracks of PRR's main line) in Pennsylvania spanning the Susquehanna River.
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  • May 16, 2012 · Was the equipment operated by the PRR in 1926 capable of 90 mph operation? Yes. Was their larger passenger locomotive, the K4 type, capable of sustained 90 mph operation? Yes. Was the smaller PRR passenger locomotive, the E6 type, capable of faster operation? Yes - 115 mph.
  • Dec 06, 2017 · They have produced many runs of the K4s over the years, and right now they are making the streamlined versions of the K4s. While the streamlined K4s is a great looking locomotive, PRR only did that to a few individual locomotives and by the mid 1940's most if not all of them were returned to their original non-streamlined configuration.
  • There is a lot to like about the 2013 MTH HO catalog for PRR fans like us: Pennsylvania 4-6-2 K4s Steam Locomotive with DCC/DCS Proto-Sound 3.0, Cab No. 719 80-3236-1 DCC/DCS Proto-Sound 3.0 $499.95 80-3236-5 DCC/DCS/Motorola 1/2 Proto-Sound 3E+ $529.95
  • The "heavy" was a somewhat more complicated design. Basically, it was a development of ALCO's 50,000, mentioned earlier, through ALCO built PRR 3395 of 1911, considered to be the precursor of the famous (deservedly so) PRR K4s class to what seems to have been a 79 inch drivered version of the K4s with a conventional firebox.

PRR 643 cleans the flues as she climbs the grade at the very end of her track on "Steam Engine Hill". While the 643 was built in 1901, her boiler was replaced in the 1940s and is

The Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) designed and operated a fleet of 301 4-8-2 "Mountain" steam locomotives. They were meant to be multipurpose locomotives good for fast freight and passenger service, although they were almost never used for passenger service. Because of this, the engines were given Keystone numberplates and water scoops on their tenders (used as a distinction for distinguishing ...
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These included the last PRR K4 Pacific, the last PRR E6 Atlantic and in 1959 the last PRR B6 class switcher, which was the last operating steam locomotive on the PRR system. Class B: 0-6-0 The 0-6-0 type was assigned class B, and was used in switcher service.

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I have a PowerCab and some other Bachmann locomotives, but not a K4. So, I am hesitant to post anything like "Set CV xx to value yy," because Bachmann is notorious for having custom decoders that are slightly different from their namesakes that are directly available from the decoder manufacturers.